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Rumba Swing P    


(  ) / (L) = Linedance

(P) = Partner/Coupledance

(K) = Kontra

2 Words 1 Finger   Video  
1976   Video  
A 1   Video  
A Bar Song   Video  
A Country High   Video Video
A Little Shiver   Video  
A Shot Of That Patron   Video  
AB Poison Ivy   Video  
Aberdeen   Video  
Achy Breaky Heart   Video  
Across The Ocean   Video  
Addicted To Love   Video  
After Five Stomp   Video  
After The Storm   Video  
Ah Si!   Video  
Ain’t Going Down   Video  
Alabama Boy   Video  
Alan Knows      
Alcohol   Video  
All Abord   Video  
All By My Lonesome   Video  
All On Me   Video  
All Over Again   Video  
All Shook Up   Video  
All You Need   Video  
Alligator Rock   Video  
Alligator Shuffle P Video  
Always Humble   Video  
American Kids   Video  
Another Country   Video  
Apologize   Video  
Askin' Questions   Video  
Baby Belle   Video  
Baby Boots   Teach Demo
Baby Don't Go P Video  
Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang!   Video  
Bandera P Video  
Barn Dance (New Barn Dance) P Video  
Barn Dance Polka P    
Bartenders Lessons   Video  
Be A Better Man   Video  
Beautiful Day   Video  
BeBop   Video Video
Beer For My Horses   Video  
Beethoven's Boogie   Video  
Before   Video  
Before The Devil   Video  
Best Part Of The Day   Video  
Better Times   Video  
Bible Belt   Video  
Big Blue Tree   Video  
Billie Bossa Nova   Video  
Billy's Dance P Video  
Bird Walk   Video  
Black Coffee   Video  
Blinding Lights   Video  
Blue Kisses   Video  
Blue Note   Video Video
Bonaparte's Retreat   Video  
Boogie N' Boots      
Boot Scootin' Boogie   Video  
Boots   Video  
Booze Cruise   Video Video
Born To Be Great   Video  
Born To Love   Video  
Bosa Nova   Video  
Boys 'Round Here   Video  
Brand New Man   Video  
Bread And Butter   Video  
Brokenheartet   Video  
Bucket Seats P Video  
Cabo San Lucas   Video  
Caliente P Video  
Cafe Del Rio   Video  
Calm After The Storm   Video  
Canadian Stomp   Video  
Cards On The Table   Video  
Cha Cha One   Video  
Chasing Down A Good Time   Video  
Chattahoochee   Video  
Cheek To Cheek   Video  
Cherry Bomb   Video  
Cherry Pie P Video  
Chica Boom Boom   Video  
Chuck & Cowboy   Video  
City Lights Swing P Video  
Clickety Clack   Video  
Closer   Video  
Coastin'   Video  
Codigo   Video  
Coffee Day And Whiskey Nights   Video  
Cold Cold Heart   Video  
Cold Heart   Video  
Colorado Cha Cha P Video  
Colorado Girls P Video  
Come As You Are   Video Video
Come Dance With Me   Video  
Corn   Video  
Cotton Eye Joe P Video  
Cotton Eye Joe Mixer P Video  
Cotton Eye Joe Mixer 2 P Video Video
Cotton Pickin' Morning   Video  
Country 2 Step   Video  
Country As Can Be   Video  
Country Style   Video  
Country Walkin'   Video  
Cowboy Cool   Video  
Cowboy Charleston   Video  
Cowboy Dance P    
Cowgirl Twist   Video  
Crazy Monday   Video  
Cross My Heart   Video  
Cruising Backroads   Video  
Cucaraca   Video  
Cumbia   Video Video
Curious Girl   Video  
Cut A Rug   Video  
Damsha P    
Damn!   Video  
Darlin' Who's Darling   Video  
Day Of The Dead   Video  
Dead South   Video  
Desirable   Video  
Dini Seel ä chli la bambälä la   Video Video
Disappearing Tail Lights   Video  
Dixie   Video  
Dixie Fix   Video  
Dixie Road   Video  
Dizzy   Video  
Doctor Doctor   Video  
Don't Come Cryin'   Video  
Don't Gimme That - 1   Video  
Don't Gimme That - 2   Video  
Don't Look Good Naked   Video  
Don't You Wish   Video  
Double Devil   Video  
Down On Yor Uppers   Video  
Dreams Of Martina   Video  
Eagle Eye   Video Video
Early In The Morning   Video  
East Coast Switch P Video  
El Paso P Video  
Electric Slide   Video  
Ellie Lou Cha Cha P Video Video
Empty Space   Video  
Everyone's The Same      
Ex's And Oh's   Video  
Fais Do Do   Video  
Far From The Charts   Video  
Far Side Banks Of Jordan   Video  
Feel Free P Video  
Feel The Beat   Video  
Fisher's Hornpipe   Video  
Fishing In The Dark K Video  
Five Minutes P Video  
Flyin' Sparx   Video  
Flying Scotsman P Video  
Fooling Around And Gone K Video  
Foot Boogie   Video  
Footloose   Video Video
Forever And Ever   Video  
Foxy Girl   Video  
Friends For Ten   Video  
Galway Girl   Video Video
George Strait   Video  
Get Down The Fiddle   Video  
Ghost Train   Video Video
Give Me Your Tempo   Video  
Glass Of Wine   Video  
Go Cat Go   Video  
Golden Wedding Ring   Video  
Gone Enough   Video  
Gone West   Video  
Good At Being Bad   Teach Demo
Good Luck Girl   Video  
Good Rocking Daddy   Video  
Good Time Girls   Video  
Graceland Swing P Video  
Great Unknown   Video  
Green Green Grass Of Home   Video  
Grundy Gallop   Video  
Guitars & Guns   Video  
Guns 'n Girls   Video  
Gypsy Queen   Video  
Had Some Help   Video  
Happy, Happy, Happy   Video  
Hardwood Floors   Video Demo
Haunted Heart   Video  
Head Over Boots P Video  
Heidi   Video  
Heartbreak Express   Video  
Hearts And Flowers   Video  
Here I Am Again P    
Here We Go   Video  
He's My Baby   Video  
Hey Girl   Video  
High Cotton   Video  
Highway Honky Tonk   Video  
Hillbilly Girl   Video  
Hold The Line   Video  
Holly's Church   Video  
Homegrown Honky Tonk P Video  
Honky Tonky Stomp   Video  
Horseshoe Shuffle P Video  
Hot Tramp   Video  
Hudson Valley Cha Cha P Video  
Hurry Up Slow Down   Video  
I Ain't Never   Video  
I Close My Eyes   Video Video
I Don’t Need A Man   Video  
I Love A Rainy Night   Video  
I Love This Bar P Video  
I Like This   Video  
I Ride A Horse   Video  
I Ride Trains   Video  
I Was On A Boat   Video  
Ice Breaker   Video  
Ice Cold Corona   Video  
If I Could Change The World   Video  
If You're Gonna Be Bad   Video  
I'm On My Way   Video Video
In The Valley   Video  
Indian Sound   Video  
Indian Summer P Video  
Irish Pub Song   Video  
Irish Stew   Video  
Island Station North P Video  
It Looks Like Pain   Video  
Jackson Strait P Video  
Jailhouse Creole   Video  
Jambalaya   Video  
Jersey Giant   Video  
Jessico   Video  
Joana   Video Video
JR   Video Video
Just A Burning Man   Video  
Just A Minute   Video  
Just Wright   Video  
K Step And Rumba   Video Video
K Step Boogie   Video  
Kaw Liga P Musik  
Keep It Simple   Video  
Keep Two Steppin   Video  
Kid Rock Alabama   Video  
Kill The Spiders   Video  
Kissin' On You P Video  
La Estrella P Video  
Lake Darbonne   Video  
Land Of  Dreams   Video  
Leaving Of Liverpool   Video  
Left In The Dark   Video  
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood   Video  
Lindi Shuffle   Video  
Lipstick, Powder and Paint   Video  
Little Black Book   Video  
Little Easy   Video  
Little Rhumba   Video  
Little Wagon Wheel   Video  
Live, Laugh, Love   Video Video
Lonely Drum   Video  
Long Black Train   Video  
Long Long Way   Video  
Looking Good   Video  
Lord Help Me   Video  
Lord Of The Dance   Video  
Loreley   Video  
Louisiana Swing   Video  
Love Ain't   Video  
Love Is Loud   Video  
Love Takes Time   Video  
Love Trick   Video  
Loved You More   Video  
Lover Please Come Back P Video  
Loving Tonight K Video Video
Lucky Lips   Video  
Make Some New Love   Teach Demo
Mama & Me   Video Video

Mama's Boy

P Video  
Mamma Maria   Video  
Mein Herz es brennt   Video  
Memory Cha   Video  
Memory Lane 32   Video  
Memory Lane (64)   Video  
Mexi-Fest   Video  
Mexican Wind P Video Video
MG Cha Cha P    
Mighty Fine   Video  
Millie's Tip   Video  
Millionen Farben   Video  
Mini Barrel   Video  
Missing   Video  
Monday For Two P Video Video
Mountain Girl P Video  
Mountain Of Love P Video  
Mucara Walk   Video  
My Dog Has Puppies   Video  
My Heart Skips A Beat   Video  
My Maria   Video  
My New Life   Video  
My Pretty Belinda   Video  
N.F.I.   Video  
Nashville Two P    
Neon Moon   Video  
Never Drinking Again   Video  
Never Ever   Video  
Never Never Cha Cha P Video  
Nickajack   Video  
No Trouble   Video  
Not Fair   Video  
Off The Beaten Track   Video  
Oh Behave   Video  
Old And Grey   Video  
Old Friends In Amerika   Video  
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back   Video  
Oregon Trail P    
Over The Moon   Video  
P3   Video  
P8   Video  
Paradise   Video  
Parkway Shuffle P    
Pavement Ends   Video Video
Peace   Video  
Pick A Bale   Video  
Picnic Polka   Video  
Playboys   Video  
Pot Of Gold   Video  
Que Paso   Video  
Raggle Taggle Gipsy O   Video  
Red Solo Cup   Video  
Reflection   Video  
Reunited!   Video  
Rhyme Or Reason   Video  
Ride With Me   Video  
Rio   Video  
Rock and Roll Cowboy   Video  
Rock And Roll Cowboy Contra K Video  
Rock Bottom P Video  
Rock 'N' Rodeo P Video  
Rock Paper Scissors   Video  
Rocket To The Sun   Video  
Rocking' The Wagon Wheel   Video  
Rockingham Rumble P Video  
Roots   Video  
Rose Garden   Video  
Rose Swing P Video  
Rose-A-Lee   Video Video
Rumba Swing P Video  
Sad Mama   Video Video
Save Your Tears   Video  
Scotia Samba   Video Video
Sea Shells P Video  
Seven Nights


Shadow In The Dawn   Video  
Shadow P Video  
Shake Off Your Shoes   Video  
Shakin Mix   Video  
Shout Shout   Video  
Side By Side   Video  
Sidewinder Swing   Video  
Sidewinder Swing P Video Video
Sixteen Step P Video  
Skiffle Time   Video  
Sky Loves Blue   Video  
Smokey Places P Video  
SMS   Video  
Snake River Shuffle P Video  
So Easy   Video  
So Easy Cha Cha   Video  
Some Beach   Video  
Something In The Water   Video  
Spanish Lady   Video  
Sparks Fly   Video  
Speak To The Sky   Video  
Spinning Wheel   Video  
Spring Swing P Video  
Stand By Me   Video  
Stay   Video  
Steamboat Queen   Video  
Sticks And Stones   Video  
Stomping It Out   Video  
Stories We Could Tell   Video  
Storm And Stone   Video  
Story   Video  
Straight Line   Video  
Stray Cat Strut   Video  
Stroll Along Cha Cha P Video  
Suitcase Bottle   Video  
Summer Fly   Video  
Sway P Video  
Sweet Caroline   Video  
Sweet Delight P Video  
Sweet Ireland   Video Video
Sweet Maureen P Video  
Sweet Sweet Smile   Video  
Sweet Talk & Good Lies P Video  
Sweet Tea P Video  
Swingin' Summer P Video  
Tag On   Video  
Take A Little Walk   Video  
Take It To The House   Video  
Take These Chains From My Heart   Video  
Tango With The Sheriff P Video  
Telepathy   Video  
Tell The World   Video  
Temptation Cha P Video  
Tennessee Waltz Surprise   Video  
Texas Waltz P Video  
Thank You   Video  
That Honky Tonk Highway   Video  
The Blarney Roses   Video Video
The Boat To Liverpool   Video  
The First   Video  
The Flute   Video  
The Gambler   Video  
The Green Side   Video  
The Jester & The Joker   Video  
The Last Shanty   Video  
The Morning After   Video  
The Music Man   Video  
The Neighborhood P Video  
The Newfie Stomp   Video Video
The Road Less Travelled   Video  
The Trail   Video  
The Tumble Dryer   Video  
The World   Video  
These Boots   Video  
These Old Boots   Video  
Things   Video  
This & That   Video  
Three Teachers   Video  
Three Wooden Crosses   Video  
Thumbin' My Way   Video  
Til The Neons Gone   Video  
'Til You Can't   Video Video
Tippin' It Up   Video  
Toes   Video  
Told You Lately?   Video Video
Toot Sweet   Video  
Town Of Hope And Memories   Video  
Train Wreck   Video  
Triple Cross P Video  
Truck A Truck   Video Video
Tush Push   Video  
United Breaks Guitars   Video  
Unlove Me      
Viski   Video  
Walker   Video  
Waltz Across Texas P Video  
Waltz Across Texas   Video  
Wanna Be Your Cowboy   Video  
Wave On Wave   Video Video
We Only Live Once   Video  
We Were Raised On Love   Video Video
We're Good To Go   Video  
Wheels & Roses   Video  
When We Dance   Video  
When You Come Around P Video  
When You Smile   Video  
When You're Drunk   Video  
Whiskey On The Shelf   Video  
Whiskey Wishes P Video  
White Rose   Video  
White Rose For Two P Video  
Wild And Easy   Video  
Wintergreen   Video  
Wishful Thinking   Video  
Woman P Video  
Wrong Direction   Video  
You Ain't Dolly   Video  
You Can Stay   Video  
You Don't Talk P Video  
You Got That Thang   Video  
Zjozzy's Funk   Video  

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